Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Birthday: Pipsie, Nature Detective

Pipsie, Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar by Rick DeDonato and illustrated by me is out in the world now! Pipsie is published by the amazing team at Two Lions Publishing.

I'm really excited since Pipsie is the result of years of hard work by many people behind the scenes. If you see Pipsie in the wild I hope you enjoy it just as much I loved illustrating her.


Here are some fun behind the scenes stuff for Pipsie.
The character design went through MANY iterations.
Pipsie character1
First character design ideas for Pipsie. I really liked the lab coat but it didn't really convey nature detective.

Pipsie Hair
Exploring Pipsie's hairstyles.
Pipsie Outfit4 1
Accessorizing Pipsie's outfit.
Getting closer to the final Pipsie look.
TracyBishop PipsieCharacterFinal
The final Pipsie!

This is what my work space looked like while I was finishing up Pipsie.
TracyWorkspace2 2TracyBishopWorkSpace

To find out more about Pipsie, visit her website. There are a lot of activity sheets for you to enjoy.

You can also see Pipsie information on her Facebook page.

Places to buy the book.
Barnes & Noble


  1. LOVE "Pipsie" Tracy and always enjoy any posts you put up about process. Your SO inspiring! As for sore wrist, one thing I have found since I started using 21" Cintiq, is no more carpel tunnel (like) pain. I think it's the heat from the monitor on my wrist that continually is soothing it. Afraid I have no fix for the back/hunching aches though:(

  2. Tracy, I just discovered this I LOVE IT! What a wonderful history of how you brought PIPSIE and ALFRED to life. Way to go! Are you OK if I put some of this on ––Rick DeDonato