Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I'm working on...

Here's a little peek into my process for some small commissions I recently finished! 
First, I gathered information on my subjects (I asked about favorite colors and animals). I took this information and started with really loose sketches in my sketchbook:
I tried to mimic those sketches as best I could on watercolor paper using very light pencil. I went over that with ink line and when that dried, I erased the pencil and began painting and coloring. 

The results look a little bit like this! The colors ended up looking great together:

These pieces for Kickstarter backers were all inspired by Peter H. Reynold's International Dot Day. In fact, the alligator piece on the bottom left is for him! It's his son, Henry Rocket reading a book about rockets, of course! 



  1. I noticed that you have copics out while working in watercolor. I never thought about combining the two often do you use them together and for what purpose do you use each to make a single picture?

    1. I like how vibrant the copics are so I used them for the characters. Then, I used watercolor around the outside. They seem to work together really well, though it's a relatively new experiment for me!

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