Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Simply Messing About with New Paints, Pencils & Brushes!

I recently finished a new picture book project and I promised I would reward myself with a bunch of new art supplies. The perfect opportunity arose when my local art store had a HUGE 25% of EVERYTHING sale. I was waiting for just such an opportunity, being that I've been wanting to invest in some traditional media once again. A little background: when I was pregnant with my oldest (who is now 7 years old), I got rid of all of my paints.  I had visions of my toddler getting into my paints and eating the Cadmium Red. So--out they went. Ooh...bad move. Blame it on Nesting Syndrome!

My all-time favorite paints to use are M. Graham Walnut Oil paints. They are rich, buttery and don't need toxic mediums to paint with: a bottle of walnut oil will suffice. They are on the pricey side, so I sat and waited for the perfect time to purchase a set. Can't wait to dig into them!

Also on my wish list was a set of Acryla Gouache. In art school, I was not really a big fan of gouache, but lately I'd been seeing samples of this particular brand floating around the interwebs and I really love the look. These will be perfect for experimenting.

After digitally painting for such a long time, I was itching to put brush to papers/board/canvas. Experimenting with different media and colors will really push my art a bit outside of my box which will help me grow and create more exciting pieces down the road.

What medium are you itching to experiment with?




  1. This messing around looks great. I love the texture and opacity of gouache. How do you like it so far? I've noticed that when the paint dries it's hard to re-wet and then they act like regular watercolors. I wish there was a way to keep the thick consistency of it.

  2. Oooooh! Wonderful illustration Christina..I've not tried these and now I am itching to try them too..gouache is calling me! Super post..thank you!

  3. Great post Christina. I was never able to manage the control required to really excel at "tradtional" medium (outside of pen & markers), which is why I think it took so long for me to grow as an artist. It wasn't until I got my first MAC that I really started exploring, experimenting and trying out new things. If new (different) software counts as new medium, I've started playing with Artrage as an alternative to Photoshop (and I'm really liking it so far), and I took you advice and upgraded my Manga Studio 4EX to 5, but I haven't really had to time to play with it yet. I'm hoping that will provide a nice alternative to Illustrator. Lovin' your work, as always. - Marty

  4. Hello! Great post--I'm actually curious about your gouache choice. I've been wanting to experiment with them as well. Like you, I wasn't fond of them in art school because they dry in colors unlike the original color when they're wet. But I've seen some great things done with them (including the experiments/drawings on your blog!) so I'd like to give them a second chance. Would you say Acryla is a good brand? I was original going to try Winsor & Newton, but as with all good art supplies, they're quite expensive. Acryla is more within my budget, but just wondering what you thought of the quality.