Monday, November 18, 2013

Experimenting with pencil and coloring in Photoshop

I've been experimenting in my work this week. I really love working in black and white, but I wanted to try my hand at combining the black pencil on coquille or pebble board with coloring in Photoshop.
Black Caran d'ache Pencil on Coquille Board

Colorized version of the Black pencil drawing
I scanned in the black pencil drawing and brought it into Photoshop where I colorized it using the Hue/Saturation menu. I then set this layer to Multiply.
Finished piece.
I painted on a layer underneath the drawing and added a few highlights on a layer above it. I'm really pleased with the results!


  1. Super cute! Are these done digitally?

  2. Love this! I watched a tutorial by Will Terry where he also creates undertones through hue/saturation and I loved the results. It is interesting to try new things and I love your results. :)